Shuffler offers several Commands to manipulate the Elements.

They need to be used after a Left Click on the Element to manipulate.

Here is a Legend of the available Commands:

V, UP Arrow Change image (when available)
C, DOWN Arrow Change image (when available)
Q, LEFT Arrow Rotate left
E, RIGHT Arrow Rotate right
W, SHIFT + UP Arrow Move up by 1 pixel
S, SHIFT + DOWN Arrow Move down by 1 pixel
A, SHIFT + LEFT Arrow Move left by 1 pixel
D, SHIFT + RIGHT Arrow Move right by 1 pixel
R, PAGE UP Scale up
F, PAGE DOWN Scale down
T, HOME Scale up one dimension (stretch)
G, END Scale down one dimension (stretch)
M, BACKSPACE Activate a special feature or the Color Menu
CTRL Fill up the canvas with the Elements still inside the library
B Duplicate
P Delete
Y Move Layer in front
H Move Layer backward
Z Mirror horizontally
X Mirror vertically
U Increase the outline (only on Extra Sets)
J Decrease the outline (only on Extra Sets)
I Edit Menu with GUI Commands
N Fill Up the canvas
1, INSERT Special Left rotation
4, DELETE Special right rotation
2 90º Left rotation
3 90º Right rotation

All Command Keys can be customized. To do that, go to the Help page, and near the Commans button you will find the Change button.

Insert the new Key inside the white field and then Save the changes in a file called "Configuration.txt" as suggested. Save this file into the same folder of Shuffler.


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