Shuffler: Paper Make iT ! Product

How gamers enjoy a Flash application

Shuffler  is a Paper Make iT ! Flash application. Powered by ActionScript3, it has been developed in two versions so to reach a wider audience.

EXE version includes a built-in Flash Player and runs under Windows OS, which doesn’t need to be installed locally (Portable application).  It also runs from external devices like USB PEN or USB external hard disk. If the tool window doesn’t appear in the centre of your display, click on the upper right button and it will do this automatically. On the other hand, if you are using a classic 4:3 screen, you need to centre the window by dragging it and then resize the window ratio by dragging the top border toward the centre; the GUI (Graphical User Interface) will be fully visible automatically. With these 4:3 screen is suggested to use swf version.

SWF version is lighter in size (doesn’t include a Flash Player) and runs in any browser (with Flash Player installed) under any OS (like MAC and Linux). It doesn’t require to be installed too, but needs Flash Player 10 or later installed into the local machine. This version auto-centre the GUI but may result littler on the screen due to the many Menus crowding the browser bar. In this case a F11 full screen mode is recommended.


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