How gamers enjoy Shuffler technology
This tool has been the first to apply the Shuffler engine and thus has taken its name. Most flash experiments use this tool and allow users to have a lot of fun with each new release. There are more features coming to increase available tiles and FX.

Shuffler lets you create 2D maps in just seconds after reading the easy and short Help Page that briefly explains all the command keys implemented here.

The interface is intuitive and helps the users quickly and easily create good-looking maps to play and share with friends. All command buttons are visible on the frame around the canvas and other commands are only one keyboard press away. As time goes on new releases include new commands with even more wonderful features, most of them requested by users directly.

Unfortunately, these modifications are not free from bugs, and may sometimes be reported after a new release. Programmers strive to offer the cleanest software possible, however this doesn’t always happen.  Moreover,   with some patience, and the help of users reporting the concerns, Shuffler grows incessantly becoming a benchmark tool for map maker software.


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