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Pillboxes and Corridors

Pillboxes and Corridors
Pillboxes and CorridorsPillboxes and CorridorsPillboxes and CorridorsPillboxes and CorridorsPillboxes and Corridors



A tool to create and print unfolded 3d models reproducing Sci-Fi Outposts. Ver.1.1

With this tool you will be able to design your customized Sci-Fi Outpost.
Drag the model from the library and the system will unfold it for you adding needed flaps for gluing it.
Choose the Scale you use to play (28mm, 15mm, 10mm, 6mm, 2mm, or what you like more) and everything will be resized accordingly.
Change the height of your block or the length of your Corridor.
Add personalized Logos, accessories and text as you like.

Pdfs and source files are included to start and print in seconds!

This application runs as a standalone (Portable) Exe file (for Win systems) or can be load by every browser with a Flash player installed (Windows, MAC, Linux). On the net you can find standalone SWF players that get rid of a browser (search for Adobe flash player standalone and download the projector file related to your OS).

Download Demo Download Manual

Technical specification

This tool is a Flash application available in two versions:

1) Portable EXE for Windows Systems (you don't need to install it and doesn't require any additional software)

2) swf format for any Operative System (Windows, MAC, Linux, etc.). You can run the tool under any browser with at least Flash Player 10 (free) installed.

Drag & Drop system.

Elements free to modify.

Dynamic Text can be inserted with custom text, scale and color.

Canvas of 7” x 10”.

Pattern grid of 1”x1” (2,54cm x 2,54cm) square.

Print function.

Save and Load feature.

Save as bitmap image.

pdf function (a pdf creator installed on your computer is required).

Clone, Cancel and Depth buttons.


An intuitive graphical interface allows the player to start designing his first Container in just seconds after reading the single Help Page or the complete Manual included.

Thanks to scrolling panels each element is shown easily and identified by a set of symbols to recall the number of alternative images, the rotating capability, the possibility to modify the size, the random generated shape feature, the Fill aid or some special features called WoW! for extra element behaviour.

Rescale your Pillbox in your preferred Scale from 1/58 to what else less you need.

Write down your own text labels for a more personalized room or object: a dynamic text system, available in 16 million colours, can be placed, rotated and resized easily.

Save you work in progress for some relax and then Restore it in a second time with the Load feature.

Produce a bitmap image in png format to edit with any Image Editor.

Pdfs can be created by third parties to save works (Pdf creators, not included)

Other special functions are ready to be implemented in future releases, expanding even more the capabilities of Shuffler.

This Flash application runs under every browser with Adobe Flash Player 10 installed (Widows, MAC, Linux). Anyway also a stand alone (Portable) Exe file is available and included (requires Windows OS installed or Wine under Linux).



A special License allows customers to share their pdfs obtained by this tool. Pdfs can be shared only in a private way and must not be uploaded to internet servers.

The tool and its derivative works are intended for personal use only. Commercial License under explicit agreement (see the Manual for more details).

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